Mediamatic Travel

Our mission is to stimulate international collaboration amongst cultural professionals and enhance the visibility of underground culture in cities online and offline. Explore cities’ local art scenes through the contributions of our guides. Contact them to make an appointment, and keep up with the international developments in Arts and Culture.

DIY travel agency

The Mediamatic Travel website acts as a network of cultural professionals from all over the world. It provides an open platform where they can exchange information about the unseen or underground culture in their city. Things you normally won’t find in your average travel agency.

Our Guides

Our Guides are the core of our network. Every guide has their own guide page in which they can share their favorite cultural happenings in their cities. Guides take travelers on an online journey through the highlights of their city.

If you wish to get a tour through the cultural underground from one of our guides, use the blue Be my Guide button to set up an appointment with the guide on the spot. Fill in your travel dates and specific interests.
Get a real guided tour for € 45.

Our guides offer tailored consultations on the spot and will help you navigate through the art scene of their city according to your requests. For the first hour of a face-to-face consultation, we propose a basic fee of € 45. In return, you should expect an extensive insight into the most exclusive events, scenes and personalities in the Arts and Culture of the city you are visiting.

The € 45 fee is not negotiable. Should the guide feel otherwise about financial compensation, they will let you know. Keep in mind that some guides really appreciate this fee and consider it a support to their art and the city’s underground culture.

Your Help

New guides join the Mediamatic Travel website all the time, contributing more and more interesting places. By joining our network, you will be able to make contact with like-minded people worldwide and learn more about the treasures in their cities. We’d love to see your proposals too!

*Text and image taken from the Mediamatic Travel website.

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