DIY TV (working title)

DIYTV is a new way of making television. It is a web based broadcasting station that will bypass the bigger television networks and hand over the creative authority to where is belongs. DIYTV will bring together audiences, advertisers and television makers on an open online platform where each party will have a say it which shows will be produced and aired.


Scripted television series are usually boring. They are underlining the social, economical and political status quo. It has lost some of its potential revolutionary power because of the network executives and the importance of ratings. They seem to determine what we watch and consequently what we think and how we perceive society as a whole. Television has a profound impact on the way we shape our lives. There are hardly any gay people on television, hardly any interracial couples, women still only seem to be good at cleaning etc. etc. etc. And I am not even talking about originality, creativity or good old fashioned entertainment. Youtube has shown us the potential of web based broadcasting, now let’s take this one step further!

What do we want to achieve?
–          More diverse television
–          Room to envision the alternative
–          Give every individual worldwide the opportunity to realise a great idea
–          Give audiences worldwide a say in what they want to watch
–          Make money
–          Create new stars i.e. rolemodels

How does it work?

Subscribe to the website for just one dollar and receive a lifelong membership that allows you to view all the productions, project proposals and vote for projects you like to be produced particularly to stimulate advertising agencies to pick up the show. Members can also comment on the productions and episodes. The exact functionality of the profile pages needs to be determined. Non-members can watch certain selected shows (i.e. paid for by sponsors) but do nothing else.


Subscribe to the website for three dollars and upload project proposals, trailers, budgets etc to your profile page. We will create a template/ format to do so. Contact advertising agencies through the website to tip them about your project. Your copyright will be quarantined through the website’s terms & conditions, but you do get the option to make your project only viewable for potential sponsors. Next to that, your profile has all the functionality a normal member profile has.

Advertisers/ sponsors:

Create a five dollar profile and browse through all the project proposals, watch trailers and find out what the audiences would like to see on DIYTV. Get in touch with the creative geniuses behind the ideas through the website, talk budgets, sign contracts and produce a show. Your advertisement will be linked to the final production in whatever way you and your maker decide. You have a direct say in what type of television you want your product to be associated with!

*** OPTIONAL: it is also possible to have members donate a small amount directly to a (small) project proposal to keep the project/ production free from advertising/ sponsor influences. There can be a separate ‘indie’ category for this.

Making Money
–          1 dollar lifelong membership
–          3 dollar maker membership
–          5 dollar sponsor profile
–          Percentage of the advertising budget per show produced
–          Sponsors/ advertisers pay for show to be visible for alls
–          Advertisement on the website itself
–          Merchandise

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