Museu da Crise

Museu da Crise is an international art project that explores the viability of translating the domestic strategies and parallel economies that are very much present in contemporary society, to a larger, city-, nation- and worldwide scale by implementing then into the existing urban infrastructure. The ultimate goal of the Museu da Crise is the museumification of crisis through artistic action and research, confining it to the building that will ultimately house the museum and by doing so, change crisis into a concept of the past. Right now the Museu da Crise does not have a physical location, being a conceptual place still very much present everywhere, as is the current crisis.

At Guimarães, the museum was first host by the Educational Service of Guimarães 2012 – European Capital of Culture, within the context of the Love Difference programme: a programme that aims to create a purposeful dialogue and to expand concepts and methodologies.


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