FairCoop : A-node

Our mission is to create an innovative glocal economic system from the bottom up in favour of an alternative and post-capitalist model to pave the way for a collective change towards a life in common. Cooperation, solidarity and transparency are key factors for us to create a truly justice system for everyone. The development and use of powerful interconnected digital tools (global) and regional networks (local) are crucial for our success. We are using our time and energy constructively and in a collaborative way to create real alternatives by putting theories into action.

We envision a global network of self-organised and self-empowered local communities and individuals, independent of abusive centralised forces and restrictions. Our global principles and framework are defined collectively, on behalf of the 99% and at the same time, are realised at a local level according to their specific regional needs and circumstances. This way people take back control of their own lives by having the freedom to choose diverse alternative society models based on a decentralised organisation structure. Our cooperative work is creating an independent ecosystem, which aims to reduce global economic and social inequality, leading to a new global wealth accessible to everybody in the form of commons. Like a domino effect, the game-changing framework of this economic system will open the door for a global shift, impacting all aspects of life such as education, healthcare, energy, housing, transport, and creating opportunities to rediscover healthy and non-exploitative relationships with our fellow human beings and nature.


me: together with Aspasia Beneti and Daniela Paes Leão I initiated the Amsterdam Local Node aka A-node

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