Fossil Free Culture NL

We are a collective of artists, activists, researchers and critics working at the intersection of art and climate activism. Our goal is to bring an end to oil and gas sponsorship of public cultural institutions in the Netherlands, thereby eroding the social legitimacy of the fossil fuel industry.

Via unsolicited art performances in cultural institutions that accept such sponsorship, we expose the ecological and social devastation that the fossil fuel industry inflicts on the planet, and bring to light the active role these institutions play in sanitising the reputation of companies like Royal Dutch Shell.

We are part of an international movement that works to liberate cultural institutions from fossil fuels. We collaborate with groups in the UK, like BP or not BP? and Culture Unstained; France, Libérons le Louvre; Norway, Stopp oljesponsing av Norsk Kulturliv; USA, Occupy Museums and The Natural History Museum; among others.

me: chairman of the board

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